Signature Fitness

Massage Therapy

At Signature Fitness our goal is helping you to obtain optimal health. To that end we are excited to offer you in-house massage therapy.

Do you have chronic pain that you’re simply used to living with? Maybe you manage it with Advil, hot baths or stretching but it’s always present? You are so accustomed to the presence of pain that it’s become a part of you? You’re not alone. Many of us live with chronic pain. When the pain exists in soft tissue like muscles, tendons and ligaments specific massage paired with specific exercises can be the beginning of a pain-free life.

As massage begins to undo adhesions, fascial torsions, and trigger points your chronic pain can begin to fade. Some nerve pain can also disappear when the cause of the pain is a compromised tight muscle pressing on the nerve in an unhealthy way.

Having fitness training and massage under one roof is a match made in heaven because two professionals collaborating to make you as healthy and strong as you can be is a win-win. We commit to looking at your health from every bit of information we collectively share. This has proved to be an extremely effective way to make you stronger more quickly and with less pain.

Massage can help you recover more quickly from a challenging workout by manually milking out lactic acid (by product of exercise) from muscle tissue and by sending fresh blood, rich in nutrients to your tired deserving tissue. And Voila! You’re back at your next work-out session with more strength and vigor than you thought possible.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to have pain or a specific problem to have a massage. Sometimes you need to de-stress from life and all of its complications. Massage is like pushing the reset button. It can leave you relaxed, with a sense of well-being and ready to engage with life’s many challenges.

NB: Massage doesn’t have to be excruciatingly painful to be beneficial to you. At Signature Fitness we are committed to working with you at your level of comfort. Deep tissue work is certainly offered but gentler approaches can also effect change.

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